Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Plane day

Heading back to the states.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Nora, Italy

Near to our hotel was this little "city" of Nora. It contained some ruins. The craftsmanship is still obvious to this day. It was a small small town so there is not a ton to see but it made for a nice afternoon.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


The island of Sardegna was once an island occupied by the Spanish. Since they were they still hold some of the same traditions from the Spanish they still have Carnival! Wow is it awesome, i'm sure its still noting compared to Brazil but still very exciting! They started they day off with a parade that lasted about 3hrs. It was like a walking party. You could pick the type of music you like and just follow that float. Everyone was dressed up in costumes. We stood out a bit because we were not in costumes. The beginning of the parade area was more for the children, but the latter part of the parade was defiantly more of the adult part of the parade. One our my favorites was the Dutch float, which had men dressed as woman (ugly woman) and smoking cigarettes. There was a Dutch windmill on it and on the rear of the float there was a person sized beer mug that had a face and was smoking a cigarette which actually made smoke. It was funny because while we were in the Netherlands everyone smokes-its nauseating. After the parade was over everyone met in the center of the city. The bars were full, people crowed the street. It was a huge street party. There was a main stage that had singers and dancers.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day from Italy

We made it safe and sound to the Italian Island of Sardegna. We are staying at the Nora Club Hotel www.noraclubhotel.it , it's a small family owned hotel. The island is beautiful. We have a beach just a quick bike ride away from our hotel. The hotel has free bikes that we can use to travel around. Which is good because troy isn't that great with a small 6 speed clutch. The petals are so close that he has problems driving it. Which leaves me to drive and I don't have an international drivers license yet. I can't until my passport has the same last name as my driver's license. Which isn't looking like anytime soon. The weather here is perfect for winter. It runs in the 60's with some 40's at night. This is a sweater or light jacket weather. So we have been going to the beaches to walk around. But it's not warm enough to go swimming in the ocean. The beaches are white sand and the water is so clear!

A different way of life. People here are very relaxed. They work 8-5 like most places but then when they get home they go to sleep. They wake up a couple hours later to eat dinner. So the restaurants don't open until 7:30pm, and don't get busy until 8:30pm. So for Valentine's Day we were the first people at the restaurant, which worked out fine since the place was packed within the hour. The wine here is wonderful also. They have their own vineyards so we have been drinking plenty of local wine.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Made It

Welling after a couple mix ups and having to buy tickets at the airport we finally made it to Pula.