Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drinking Games (cards): President and Asshole (also known as P&A or just asshole)

So I'm teaching the American drinking games to our co-workers who are originally from Poland. And having some fun doing so! We taught them how to play Spades and Yahtzee last week, and everyone (well not the pregnant girl of course) just socially drank. Now its time for the drunk games. So tonights game was P&A. I'm going to go over how *I* used to play it....or at least how I remember to! LOL

General Rules:
- 2 is low....Ace is high. No one cares what suite it is.

- Deal out the entire deck of cards to the players....if more than 6 players 2 decks is needed. (don't play with more than 13 confusing LOL)

- 10 card is the "clear" card. This single card can be played on anything to wipe out the pile. Playing a clear card does not forfeit a player's turn, as he/she is responsible for starting the next pile.

- You must play an equal or higher card than what has been laid. So if there is a single 5 played you need a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10*,  J, Q, K, A to beat it. OR equal or great number of cards.

- If there is a pair you must play at least a pair. You may play a higher pair,  a 3-of-a-kind or 4-of-a-kind if you wish but you may NOT through a single card. (With the exception of a 10 which is the clear card).

- If a player passes because they can't not play, he or she must drink. If the same hand gets back to the person who layed down that hand it is cleared and they get to start again.

 - If the player matches the previous players laid down cards the next player is skipped and must drink.  For instance, if a 3 is played on top of another 3, the next player is skipped and must drink. If a three is then played by the player after the skipped player, the player after him/her is skipped and drinks. However if a 3 is played and the next person lays double 3's this does NOT skip, you must match the exact hand laid.

-Another 'clear' can occur when a player is able to complete a four of a kind on the board by 'jumping in' out of turn. For example, if 2 Jacks have just been laid down, and you have the other 2 Jacks, then you can just 'jump in', regardless of your position, and lay down your 2 Jacks to complete a running 4 of a kind. The result would be the social, where everyone drinks, AND the cards are actually cleared to the player who 'jumped in'. So they get to start it off again (if they have any cards left of course). This is why it's important to pay attention, because this is a great way to lose a ton of cards fast. This type of social only applies if you're able to compete the 4 card set in time... if the next player laid down a card, it's already too late.

- Last Card - when a player has only one card remaining in his hand, he must alert the table by declaring "Last Card". If a player fails to declare last card, he is the automatic Asshole for the next round.

- First person out has highest rank in next game, and it goes in order by going out. So second player out is vice-president, etc, etc. (for the following games its best to sit in order of rank).

Roles for the players:

President- Can make any player drink at any time, no-one may make the President drink. The President starts each round.

Vice President- Can make any player drink at any time (except Pres), the only the Pres or self can make the VP drink. The VP goes second in each round.

Normal People- Can make the players who finished AFTER them in the previous round drink.  This is why sitting in rank is best.

Asshole- Deal the cards, starting with THEMSELF and proceeding in order of player hierarchy from low to high until all cards are dealt. This ensures that the President begins with the fewest number of cards if the hands are uneven. While dealing, the Asshole may order anyone to drink (unlike during play, where they can not make anyone drink). Similarly, no one may make the Asshole drink while he/she is dealing. Only the Asshole may clear the cards. If anyone else attempts to clear the cards, he can be made to "drink for Asshole tendencies"....including president. They are beer-bitch for the game, so if anyone needs a drink refill asshole gets it for them.

Special rules:
 If the President remains President for three consecutive rounds can create a new rule. The new rule can be any of the above rules not in use already, or any other bonus rule, like the following...

+ Before the hand starts, President gives the asshole his lowest card, and asshole gives the President his highest card (10 clear card trumps ace). If either is caught not giving his absolute lowest or highest card (this means breaking up a pair of threes if you are the President) they are automatic asshole for the next hand. If eight or more are playing, President and asshole exchange their *two* highest and low- est cards, and VP and vice-asshole exchange their *one* highest and lowest card.

+ You can't say the words "drink/drank/drunk" or you have to drink.

+ Changing the 10 from a "clear" card to a "wild card".

+ Presidents can call a 'board meeting' (like a waterfall). Everyone starts drinking and is not allowed to stop drinking until the person above them in rank stops drinking (ie - the VP cannot stop until the President stops, the Treasurer can't stop until the VP stops, etc). Only the President can call a board meeting.

+ Little green man rule: You pretend to have a little green man sitting on the rim of your cup. You must remove the little man from your cup before you drink. And replace him to the rim of your cup after you drink.

I will add more suggestions on other games....feel free to borrow special rules from/for any game that has it as an option.

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