Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back "home"

I am trying to catch up now, but since I know if I don't do it right away I will get even farther behind I'm going to start up again then just go back and fix the last 6 months. So keep your eyes out for the rest of Cambodia, some Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Tulsa and here. :)

We got back to Des Plaines June 26th (at which time I was no longer allowed on the plane). We are staying here until me and future baby are ok'd to travel (about 2 weeks post birth we are told, assuming all goes well). So now we are just waiting on this little bug to make their appearance.

We also need to get the little bug's passport while here. And I need a new passport also--I haven't ever changed my last name to my married name, and we think its best to have me and baby have the same last name so not to cause issues with customs.

In the mean time we will enjoy our summer in Chicago-land.