Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vroom Vroom

One thing that many people ask me is "what do you kids play with in the hotel?". Well I have to admit its made me more creative! But you would be surprised how easy everyday items can be used to entertain a child. My go to item... painter's tape. This stuff is amazing for traveling. Here is one of the examples of how I use it... I make race tracks! I also took one of the thick paper bags with handles that is in the room and cut up to make a little parking garage, ramp and car wash. I used the handles of the bag for the sponges. I normally let London decorate the outer part with crayons/markers but he didn't want to today so we have a little more bland of a look.

Thanks to the help of the kleenex box for the ramp support and a couple cars/trains we bring with us you have a car table that entertains for hours!

Friday, October 28, 2011


If you haven't heard of it you need to! is hands down my best motivator and idea maker.  Pinterest is a site that basically lets you "pin" things on to "cork board". I have several boards ranging from kids activities, fashion, food, house ideas, travel, etc. You can make as many boards as you want. Next you add the "pin it" button onto your web-browser so when ever you see something you like or may want to do or even want to show someone you can just pin it to a board. You can search for anything you want and find other people's boards/ideas pinned on that topic. You can add friends and follow what they are pinning. Many people just re-pin other peoples finds. I have a ton of other mommy friends linked so I get many wonderful and creative ideas from what they are pinning. Currently the only thing I do not like about pinterest is the fact you can't make a board private. I have a Gift board for ideas of things I would like to get friends/family and I don't want them seeing it. Hopefully that will get resolved soon.
Yes its just like making a bookmark on your computer, but this one I can log into anywhere in the world, plus its WAY more organized than my bookmark list is. 

Here is my pinterest page-

From here on out on my blog if I got the idea from a blogger/pinterest/etc I will make sure to link where/whom I got the idea from. But some I just come up with on my own, and those will have no link.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Great Cloth Diaper Change-Guinness book of World Records!

This one was in the making. On April 23rd, 2011 9AM PST London and I set a world record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time! Well us and 5,025 other people that is. The event was five countries and 127 locations around the world all trying to bring awareness of reusable cloth diapers. We went to the host site of All Things Diapers in Blaine, MN which is a great store and has everything a new mom needs. 2011 was just the first try though...looks like they are going to try to break it again in 2012. Good thing I just had a new baby so I will have one in diapers still. Want to join in? Check out Great Cloth Diaper Change FB Page here and their website here.
Besides talking about fluffy butt with a bunch of people I got one of my bucket list items crossed off, To be in the Guinness Book of World Records! And just a couple weeks ago I got my official certificate...