Sunday, October 8, 2006


There are no pictures on this blog due to the fact that cameras are not allowed where we were at!

Tonight was one of the UOP guys last nights so we had to go out on the town! Finally we got to see a "show". They have a wide variety of shows here. Some are called "tiger shows" from what i have been told its a show where the women in this show see what dangerous items they can "hide" from your view. For example a string of razor blades! Another show is a "talent" competition. Who can catch the most ping pong balls (not using any extremities or mouth--you do they math). And who can shoot the balls better. We decided to go to Angel Witch. Its a place that's set up like a theater slash strip club. We all sat in these rows that circled the stage. The stage had about 10 dancer poles that circled it, the poles reached the 50ft ceiling. Then it was more of a variety show (completely naked most of the time or with leather bondage outfits). Some of the girls danced a traditional Thai dance-but naked. Other girls did a S&M show with whips and lots of chains. Another girl did an amazing pole show! One girl did the "cutie girl" thing with pig tails and about 10 g-strings on, which she took off one by one and placed on audience members until she was naked to. Let see then there was your typical seductive girl on girl action. And then the one i thought was new and eventful was a lady came out wearing only black tape, during the song she ripped it off, until she was naked. Sounds weird but was actually entertaining-looked painful also. We plan on seeing a tiger show and a ping pong ball act before we leave, and any other show that you can only see here. So keep your eye out for those tidbits.

After the show we all went to this disco bar called Lucifer's, you entered into a room and then in the back room it was a huge room that was made like a big cave, so you felt kind of in hell. They did have a cover band playing, which was good. There we all practiced our bump and grind moves! The bands here are all very good. They know the latest and greatest songs out. Example: i hear tons of "Bringing Sexy Back", "London bridge" and "Buttons" all very good songs! After some time there we then headed home because the dude that was leaving needed to catch his flight.

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