Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Cook Black Beans (or Turtle Beans)

Raw bean, Soaked bean, Cooked bean.
 Here are the step by steps to cooking black beans (also known as Turtle beans):
 First step is to soak your beans over night. Rinse off your beans in cold water, picking out anything that isn't a black bean) and put in a medium size container. Your going to add 3 times the water as you do beans. So I added one cup of black beans to 3 cups of cold water...keep in fridge overnight (6-8hrs minimum, I couldn't find a maximum).
In the morning take all the beans that floated to the top and discard them, rinse the rest of the beans well.
Get a pot and bring the beans to boil, then reduce the heat and simmer. Check periodically and make sure you always have 1/4 inch of water above your beans. Since you did the overnight soak the cooking will be much "faster"....and by that I mean it took me only 1.5 hrs to get them soft. I threw in some garlic for extra flavor because I just love garlic on everything.

Some tips I read online but didn't try:
Don't add salt till they are cooked.
There are some spices that help decrease gas issues with the beans.
Also the fresher the beans the faster they cook, but I couldn't find a "born on" date with mine :)

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