Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vroom Vroom

One thing that many people ask me is "what do you kids play with in the hotel?". Well I have to admit its made me more creative! But you would be surprised how easy everyday items can be used to entertain a child. My go to item... painter's tape. This stuff is amazing for traveling. Here is one of the examples of how I use it... I make race tracks! I also took one of the thick paper bags with handles that is in the room and cut up to make a little parking garage, ramp and car wash. I used the handles of the bag for the sponges. I normally let London decorate the outer part with crayons/markers but he didn't want to today so we have a little more bland of a look.

Thanks to the help of the kleenex box for the ramp support and a couple cars/trains we bring with us you have a car table that entertains for hours!